About Us

Christian Executive Books is the premier source for business and professional books that are based on the principles and guidance derived from the word of God; The Holy Bible.

At Christian Executive Books, we believe people become better in their business and professions through learning. We exist to help Christian executives and professionals excel in the business, corporate and market place.

Our aim is to encourage and equip believers to be light in their workplace.  We do so first and foremost by stocking the right books and resources. We help businesses become stronger and more successful through the provision of information, resources, and solutions online for the Christian business communities.

Our books provide paths to career advancement, individual development, close competency gaps and improve soft skills, such as leadership, people management, and communication.

We also believe business books contain the best information on today’s business theories and insights. In particular books are written according to Christian faith help individual believer learn more efficiently and effectively.

Individual executives and business owners can use books for their own self-directed professional development to stay in tune with Biblical business thinking and advance their careers, without compromising their faith.

We cater for readership as diverse as our titles, from individuals, students, listed companies, non-profits, educational institutions and anyone who needs credible business information, from a biblical perspective quickly and cost effectively.

We offer individual sales and corporate orders and bulk discounts for corporate training, as well as employee incentive. Our company is an approved wholesaler for Ingram, the word largest book distributors.

In addition, we offer fast and easy online shipping, direct shipping to your home or office, and flat-fee shipping nation-wide.

ChristianExecutiveBooks is owned by 3NITIE Limited. a Christian media and enterprise company and one of the leading providers of online and offline resources to inform, equip and encourage all believers in Jesus Christ.                        Visit https://3nitie.com